Etaility AB moving to Barcelona

Etaility AB has moved its office to Barclona for the next two months. Why would a company do that?


6 month ago Mikael and I had no jobs, little money and no company. We were a bit back to zero. We both got job offers, but we also both realized that nobody could offer us the kind of job we really wanted. And that was the reason we stated Etaility. We wanted to create the perfect job for our self and those that works with us.

So how does the perfect job look like to us?

1) Responsibility. We want that the work we do makes a difference. Both Mikael and I are allergic to political management and bureaucracy, were the main way to get things though is creating alliances, talk behind people back and complain about others work. We want to get things done (easy to say when you are a small company). That is why we could not work in a “normal” company. We would not fit into a bureaucratic. And again it is not that our anarchic model model is right and more formal business is wrong. A more formal business can be the right solution for many larger firms, but if we can chose, then we would just like to skip that part.
2) Taking advantages of opportunities the Internet offers. Do you really need to be at one fixed place all the time, when you are using skype and half of the team anyway are based in Ukraine? Or could you go two months to Barcelona. We want to work when and where we like too. If the sun is shining in Barcelona and it is raining in Stockholm and the customer is in Spain, then it is hard to see the benefits of being in Stockholm.
3) Motivation. For us motivation is less the actual money. It is more that we:
* like to work,
* like to solve problems related to eCommerce,
* like building companies, like growing eCommerce,
* like to develop us self,
* like to do fun stuff,
* like to do exciting stuff
* like to do challenging stuff
* like to have great and happy colleagues
* and we like to see happy customers

4) De-motivation. On the other side there are things that demotivates us. What de-motivate us is
* Outdated rules and norms. E.g. the “we do like this because, we always did like this”
* Unnecessary stress
* Harsh and negative tone at the office
* Ego center collages
* Doing insignificant work and just being part of the machine

If we can get lot of responsibility, take advantages of the internet and do more stuff that motivates us and less stuff the de-motivates us, then we believe we get a competitive advantage over our competitors. Of cause in the end, is it important that we deliver and make great results, but the above 4 points should just help our results improve.


That we move to Barcelona is strongly related to point 2) Advantage of the Internet and 3) Motivation. This is what we get out of working from Spain.

  • Some thing different. It is really a break out of the normal confort zone to take the office to a new country. It just makes you more creative and see things from a new perspective. You would think it would be complicated to move the office, but it was not really. We just need our laptops and a great shared office in Barcelona and we are up running
  • New business opportunities. One reason we are here, it that one of our customers are based in Northen Spain = and (watch out Partykungen, we are taking you market share), but we do cross border eCommerce, and actually quite some Spanish shops that are looking into new markets.
  • Requiting. We are growing fast and therefor we need to hire the best people. We can offer a fair salary, but not the best and we can offer a nice office but not the best and we can not offer to be a old and well know hyped work place like Google or Facebook. What we can offer that is cooler than salary and a fancy office, is sunshine, a bit of culture and two months work from Barcelona. This dramatically increases the number of job applications!
  • A great team event. Two month team event. Beat that with a dinner out one a fancy Stockholm restaurant.
  • Because we can. Why not? It started as a crazy idea, but nothing really was holding us back from moving here. Most other people don’t have the opportunity just to move away from the Nordic fall and into a warm country, so when it is posible for us, why not then?
  • Live up to our values. We believe in a world with no borders and our job is to make it super easy to enter new markets. Then we also should not restrict our office to just one country. By working from here for two months we live out our cross border life.

Any cons of moving the office? Sure there will be some cons of beeing “international”, but so far we have not experienced them yet. Sure they will come, but also sure that the benefits out weigh the cons.


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